Established 2019
founded many years ago

HomesUnited is the perfect accident. The company started with a passion for the hurting and the homeless. There was no business plan, there was no strategy but it started with one single goal to help people have a chance to have a home. 

Since November 2019, HomesUnited has placed 34 people in 6 different homes. These are people from all different walks of life. There are women, veterans, men, children, and families in the HomesUnited homes. We are low barrier housing. Our staff takes some of the hardest scenarios possible only to find that we have been blessed by our new friends.

Thank you for your heart to serve.

Duane, Veronica, bud and Joanie

What we do

HomesUnited works with investors, churches, third party organizations, and many others to provide single-family homes for 3 or more homeless individuals per home. 

We identify, assess, refer and connect people in crisis to housing and assistance, no matter where they show up to ask for help.

Our investors provide the homes, a third party organization provides a percentage of the rent per person of the homes, and our churches or sponsors provide the management of the homes and volunteers for mentoring.


“We house the homeless”


To Unite every community to use their resources to ensure that every person can have a Home


Advisory Board Members