Housing First

Our homeless clients are housed through the collaborative efforts of home investors, community support, and those willing to donate. HomesUnited uses coordinated entry through our Housing First Process to help place more people into homes a top priority.

Home investment

HomesUnited finds investors to provide properties so that the homeless can have a home. If you are interested in providing homes that can be used for HomesUnited we will help you turn your property into a financial investment as well as a kingdom one. We are looking for compassionate people who can use their financial means to benefit those in need. Housing the homeless is a benefit to everyone in our community. 

Community Support

You can be a Mentor, landscaper, construction worker, financial advisor or a student leader and change the homeless community by just giving a few days a month. We need you. Collaboration and community support are the most important areas of service that can be given to help better this community. 

Meet their needs

We want to help and encourage our residents to get jobs and become better able to live on their own throughout their duration in the program. You can help by donating money to assist the residents in paying for their monthly reduced rent or consider providing rental assistance if you are an Organization or Business. 


Frequently asked Questions

HomesUnited is the most cost effective model you can support for Homeless. The cost to house the homeless is $7200 dollars a year. We utilize volunteers, the faith based community and the market place to give their time and money to help reduce our cost. The average homeless program starts at $20,000 and goes as high as $87,000 dollars.

Malcolm Gladwell said, “We can’t afford not to help the homeless”. On average in Broward County the estimated cost to the County $47,000 dollars a year per homeless person who stays on the street. There are 2803 homeless who currently live on the street. We needs a better solution. HomesUnites sets out to addresses the financial, sociological and dignity problems associated with homelessness. 

HomesUnited is committed to the “Housing First Model”. This means that helping people get into a home first alleviates many of the problems associated with homelessness. We also believe that the volunteer mentor can bridge the gap between the “over worked” case worker.. This partnership allows us to give care that is life changing and affordable. 

Currently, HomesUnited is under the direction of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church non-profit status a member of the ECFA. HomesUnited has submitted the application for non-profit status August 1, 2020.  

Donations can be made through our online PayPal account or Cash and checks can be dropped off or mailed to 5555 N Federal Highway, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308.  Feel free to contact us for any inquires through phone or email.